Best credit cards: all the info you’re looking for 2017.

Do you want to shop online safely? Do you need an account where you can credit your salary? Would you like to go shopping without the risk of bringing a lot of cash with you?

For these and many other needs the ideal solution is to use a credit card.

Living in modern societies offers space for numerous services that can simplify our lives. One of these is certainly the credit card.

We speak of a convenience that sometimes becomes completely necessary to access products and services that are not available with cash payments.

If you also want to take advantage of credit card advantages, we welcome you to this guide where we talk about the best cards and how to choose the one that suits you.

Why have a credit card?

There are many good reasons to take a credit card, here we have decided to emphasize 6:

  1. Using a card allows you to protect yourself from theft.
  2. Payments can be made abroad without currency exchange.
  3. You can spend more than what is currently available.
  4. It is the most convenient way to shop online.
  5. Allows cash withdrawals from ATMs.
  6. Owning a card has a cost of zero in most cases.

Now that you understand the importance of having a card for your payments we see the aspects to consider in order to find the best credit card for your needs, they are 4:

  1. The circuit
  2. The plafond and the costs
  3. The type of credit card
  4. Support and security

Features of the best credit cards

The first characteristic of a credit card is the circuit. This is the brand found on the front of the card where the 16-digit code is shown.

To know all the details follow our guide on credit card circuits. Meanwhile, however, we can say with certainty that among the best circuits there are MasterCard and Visa.

A credit card owes its name to the fact that you can literally spend money “on credit”, that is without the immediate availability of the sum requested for a payment.

It is nothing but the monthly spending limit. It is a real credit grant, which is also called “trust”.

The best types of credit cards are the revolving ones and the balance ones. The first grant credit that can then be returned by financing, the balance cards instead provide for the restitution of the sum due on a predetermined day of the following month.

Card services and security

Finally, the highest quality credit cards are those that guarantee the best services. For example you can get cards that send notifications every time a movement is made to the account, in short, the maximum in terms of security.

The really reliable cards are those that guarantee constant support for customers. You must be able to contact the support for any need.

For example, support may be needed to activate additional services on the card or to block it immediately if you have lost it.

For online purchases, there are credit cards that provide password protection and disposable confirmation codes to guarantee security.

Therefore, getting a quality credit card is not very difficult. In our portal you can find information on convenient cards of the safest circuits.

So if you need a card, don’t waste any more time. Ask here for the credit card that best suits your needs, there are also free cards with a decidedly advantageous annual fee.

If you have any other doubts or concerns, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment, if only to let us know what you think. Thanks and good time on our portal.

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