Daisy Credit Card Application How?

Daisy is preparing to bring the credit card product into service soon. Daisy, which has a very large and active customer base, will really get as many customers with its credit card. If you say why, Daisy pays a credit card fee to customers who use a credit card instead of a credit card fee. In other words, it is not a card that you pay dues, but a card that you receive dues. How to apply for Daisy Credit Card?

Daisy , credit card for the lifetime of the contract will not receive dues added. You will not pay the dues during the period you use and if you use it regularly for 2 years, you will receive 100 TL dues. Let’s examine the campaign details;


How to apply for Daisy Credit Card?

apply Credit Card?


How can I benefit from Daisy Card Dues Campaign?

To receive an annual credit card fee;

  • Being an Daisy Individual customer,
  • You must apply for a credit card by 31 December 2018,
  • Once you have received your card, it is sufficient to make at least 10 transactions on 10 statements and over at least 6 statements each year.


What should you pay attention to?

credit loan

  • The campaign starts on the date you receive your credit card and continues for 2 years.
  • The campaign includes credit cards received until 31 December 2018.
  • In order to receive an annual credit card fee of 100 TL, you must have at least 10 transactions of 10 TL or more on your 6 statements in each 1-year period after receiving your credit card.
  • The campaign includes shopping / spending 10 TL and over, bill payment, MTV payment, mobile TL loading and cash advance transactions reflected on your statement. Payment of your credit card debt, the second and subsequent installments of the transactions you made in installments, plus balance transfers, return transactions, interest / fee / tax debts reflected on your statement, transactions under TL 10 and the statement before the date of the cut is not reflected in the statement for waiting transactions are not covered by the campaign.
  • Your annual card fee will be credited to your Daisy.com Demand TL account on the 7th day of the month following the date on which your 6th statement has been terminated and you will be informed by SMS on the same day. In case the 7th day of the month coincides with a holiday, the transactions are carried out on the first business day following.
  • If you fulfill the conditions stated in the campaign, you will receive a maximum of 200 TL credit card dues, 100 TL per year.
  • You can follow your campaign status by using the stre Statement observation ”and içi Period expenditures“ steps in our internet and mobile branches. How to apply for Daisy Credit Card?


Daisy Credit Card Application

Credit Card Application

Daisy does not accept card applications yet. According to the information on the website is about to be completed. When Is Daisy Credit Card Released? You can find information about when Daisy credit card will be issued by following our article.

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