Mortgage loans for officials, why are they cheaper?

When it comes to granting mortgages , banks look with special attention to the ability to generate sustained income in the time of financing applicants. In other words, maximum importance is given to income and the type of labor or commercial contract.

Anyone could get a loan mortgage


Before the bursting of the real estate bubble, labor stability was also important, but great importance was also given to real estate, that is, to the properties of the guarantors and the appraisal rate (below 50%, anyone could get a loan mortgage, despite having very little stable income).

To grant expensive mortgages that do not end in default

To grant expensive mortgages that do not end in default

The opposite is true today. At a time when the price of housing does not stop falling and with almost certainty that 2014 will continue to be a year of falling prices (if the economic studies that predict an almost zero job creation are right), the value of Appraisal is not very important. Go to 80 or 50%, the bank doesn’t want more brick anymore. He wants to grant expensive mortgages that do not end in default.
Based on this new reality, in which the important thing is the reimbursement capacity of the clients and not the guarantees or guarantors (that too), the best client that a financial institution can ask for is a career officer with savings.

The reason is simple, the stability in the revenue collection of officials. Obviously, with the cuts the situation has been in danger, but it does not seem that much more will happen than the sacrifice of extra pay last year.

It is not enough to be an official, you also have to have money saved and not have previously borrowed with personal cards or credits. 100% more expenses, today, is also not available to public employees. In any case, to get mortgages to Financial Standingr + 1.50 to Financial Standing + 0.40, only one official can succeed; Only the mortgages of bank floors have similar conditions, around 1 differential.

Best mortgage conditions


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