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As they is your friend, or section of your family, sometimes you can give in and lend money in order to someone. But is it a good suggestion? And the saying goes: inch If you feel like not viewing someone, lend them cash. “

I actually do not want you to generate loved ones quarrels or estrangement together with your friends for a subject since trivial as silver, therefore here are some tips if you are someone who desires to make it from a bank and provide a personal loan to an friend.

Lending cash by word is not a choice

Lending money by word is not an option

If you want to make it a financial institution, then copy some methods of how they work. Financing money by word is just not an option for your personal funds, so write a contract. Using the contract, you will have proof that may help you force the other person, in case this individual refuses to pay you, in order to comply with the agreement.

So you have decided never to impose the payment appealing, the contract is necessary, for your record that you gave the cash and that the other person promised to pay for you. Bank the procedure, send the money by financial institution transfer.

Tend not to lend blindly


Just as much as you want to whoever asks a person for money, you cannot make a sightless loan. That is why it is great that you investigate a little how s your economy and what will be the destination of the credit. Because of technology, today you can entry this information.

Move away from the defaulters

Get away from the defaulters

Don’t allow love stop you through seeing defects. People who have big debts are not candidates in order to lend them something since important as part of your savings. Therefore , if who asks a person for borrowed money meant for debt, it is better to say number

Some extra information

Some extra data

If you wrote an agreement to lend money, the information that should not be missing are usually:

  • Your own name and that of the individual to whom you give (with your identity documents).
  • The amount you will definitely lend.
  • Time the other person has to return this to you.
  • How the money will return a person.
  • The timetable in which payments will be produced.
  • The passions, if any.
  • The firm, with notarial certification
  • The promissory note

If the person a person lend to is not Good Financial, I recommend that you ask for an assurance that will allow you to secure your hard earned money back. We hope these tips is going to be very helpful if you are going to make a personal bank loan to someone.

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